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A mixed-race Harry Potter, warriors in dupattas, hijabi fashionistas…

“I was pleasantly surprised by the reception it got,” says Fatima Wajid, 18. She’s referring to the two-day Twitter campaign #SouthAsianArtists that she led with Bangladeshi artist Esha (who goes by only one name), which received over 2,000 submissions from over 100 artists across five countries — India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Philippines. […]

Aravalli Utsav: Why you need to be concerned about the environment

“Climate change poses a powerful challenge to what is perhaps the single most important political conception of the modern era: the idea of freedom, which is central not only to contemporary politics but also to the humanities, the arts and literature,” writes Amitav Ghosh in his newest book, The Great Derangement. Sustainability, recycling, energy conservation, […]