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Aravalli Utsav: Why you need to be concerned about the environment

“Climate change poses a powerful challenge to what is perhaps the single most important political conception of the modern era: the idea of freedom, which is central not only to contemporary politics but also to the humanities, the arts and literature,” writes Amitav Ghosh in his newest book, The Great Derangement. Sustainability, recycling, energy conservation, […]

Read and eat: The fourth Bahrisons in Gurgaon has a café too

A gentle winter light is falling on the bookshelves. Here and there, unopened boxes stand on the floor. In one of the book-lined alleys, a silver-haired woman in salwar suit is holding on to her walking stick. She is Bhag Bahri Malhotra, the matriarch of Bahrisons Booksellers, the legendary Khan Market bookshop that will turn […]

Ever heard of antakshari of couplets or baitbaazi?

Old Delhi’s Babban hotel was once a hub of Urdu poets. Every summer, they would spend their evenings at the café indulging in baitbaazi – a competition that tests how readily one can recite couplets. It is similar to the popular Hindi song-competition antakshari, except that in baitbaazi, the teams recite couplets instead of songs. […]