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“A skillful balance between love and hate” Laurence Green reviews Gary Owen’s dark drama, killology.

The issue of whether violent films, television programmes or video games cause people to act violently in reality is reignited in Welsh playwright Gary Owen’s dark drama Killology (Royal Court Theatre) directed by Rachel O’Riordan. The action centres on three characters, First there is Paul, millionaire son of an industrialist, who has invented a brutal […]

“Diabetes drug significantly reverses memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients,” The Sun reports. NHS Choices Behind the Headlines looks at the science behind the story.

That’s a very bold headline claim, but what it failed to make clear is that the “patients” were in fact mice, which had been genetically engineered to develop Alzheimer’s-like symptoms. This new mouse study investigated whether a new drug developed for the treatment of diabetes, known as a triple receptor agonist (TA), could also be […]

“A masterful documentary that can’t fail to move all those see it” Laurence Green reviews Claire Ferguson’s documentary, Destination Unknow.

For the survivors of the Holocaust, liberation came over 70 years ago, but what happened during the war still burns inside. Claire Ferguson’s absorbing 80-minute documentary Destination Unknown (released in selected cinemas on 16 June) captures the pain that continues to haunt them, and the resilience needed to live on. The film centres on twelve […]