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Yanis Varoufakis argues that only a progressive approach to Brexit can deliver a solution that is equitable to future UK/EU relations

Insurgencies often end up betraying the ideals that motivated them. Brexit seems no different. In no time, it has shed its intellectually most powerful motive: the full restoration of sovereignty to the House of Commons. Parliament’s sovereignty over the future of UK-EU arrangements has been dealt three blows since the Brexit referendum. First, Prime Minister […]

Nicholas Lord argues that tax avoidance schemes must be formally approved by the state – before use – rather than closed down after they are discovered.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November. Not, this time, for gunpowder, treason and plot. But for the news break by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) of the so-called “Paradise Papers”, a leak of 13.4m files detailing the financial behaviour of individual and corporate elites, many of whom use offshore financial centres to avoid […]

“Diabetes drug significantly reverses memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients,” The Sun reports. NHS Choices Behind the Headlines looks at the science behind the story.

That’s a very bold headline claim, but what it failed to make clear is that the “patients” were in fact mice, which had been genetically engineered to develop Alzheimer’s-like symptoms. This new mouse study investigated whether a new drug developed for the treatment of diabetes, known as a triple receptor agonist (TA), could also be […]

Laurence Green reviews DC Moore’s Industrial Revolution drama, Common.

Folk horror, incest, lesbianism and the class conflict make for an unsavoury brew in DC Moore’s huge, sprawling but unfocused drama set during the Industrial Revolution and succinctly titled Common (Olivier Auditorium at the National Theatre), directed by Jeremy Herrin, and a co-production with Headlong. It’s 1809 and Mary, a roguish former prostitute and con-artist, […]
Zeinab Badawi chairs this Intelligence Squared debate examines how Britain should leave the EU and what that deal is achievable.

Zeinab Badawi chairs this Intelligence Squared debate examines how Britain should leave the EU and what that deal is achievable.

Recorded at the Emmanuel Centre in central London in November 2016, this Intelligence Squared debate brought together Douglas Carswell, Patrick Minford, Anna Soubry and Alexander Stubb to examine the post-Brexit landscape and the options for the UK in its negotiations with Brussels. So-called ‘hard Brexiters’ Douglas Carswell and veteran economist Patrick Minford take the uncompromising […]

Mike Cooray and Rikke Duus look at the reincarnation of Triumph and the essential lessons for other British brands that need to reinvent themselves.

Brands are difficult to build, manage and protect. In recent years, many great British brands have pulled their shutters down or have been acquired by companies based overseas. Pringle of Scotland, the 200-year-old iconic fashion brand was bought by the Hong Kong-based Fang family. Mini Cooper, Jaguar Land Rover, Cadbury and many others have had […]

“A skillful balance between love and hate” Laurence Green reviews Gary Owen’s dark drama, killology.

The issue of whether violent films, television programmes or video games cause people to act violently in reality is reignited in Welsh playwright Gary Owen’s dark drama Killology (Royal Court Theatre) directed by Rachel O’Riordan. The action centres on three characters, First there is Paul, millionaire son of an industrialist, who has invented a brutal […]