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Could a drug used to treat diabetes help Parkinson’s disease? Behind the Headlines, the news analysis service of the NHS, looks at the science behind recent media claims.

“A drug commonly used to treat diabetes could help those living with Parkinson’s disease,” The Guardian reports. A small study suggests a drug called exenatide may have a modest beneficial effect on motor (movement) symptoms in people with Parkinson’s disease. Exenatide is known as a GLP-1 agonist, used to help regulate blood sugar levels in people […]

Trevor Hay’s handsomely mounted Our Great Tchaikovsky vividly evokes the heady opulent atmosphere of 19th century Russia and beyond. Writes Laurence Green.

A time-bending tale of music, politics and the life of one of the world’s most beloved composers is provided by Canadian actor writer and musician Hershey Felder in his one man show entitled Hershey Felder’s Our Great Tchaikovsky (The Other Palace), directed by Trevor Hay. Tchaikovsky is best known for his beautiful ballets Sleeping Beauty, […]

Martin Jones encourages employers to take off the blinkers about older workers and have the guts to employ people for what they can bring to businesses – and forget about the date on their birth certificate.

In a recent episode of The Apprentice, Lord Sugar warned the mostly millennial-aged competitors – who were designing a product for the grey market – that being over 60 doesn’t mean you have ‘one foot in the grave’. His comment highlighted the enduring stereotype that old age is all about decline and illness, rather than […]

Yanis Varoufakis argues that only a progressive approach to Brexit can deliver a solution that is equitable to future UK/EU relations

Insurgencies often end up betraying the ideals that motivated them. Brexit seems no different. In no time, it has shed its intellectually most powerful motive: the full restoration of sovereignty to the House of Commons. Parliament’s sovereignty over the future of UK-EU arrangements has been dealt three blows since the Brexit referendum. First, Prime Minister […]