Meet the artist who uses teabags as her canvas

While it is quite common for artists to be ingenious in their approaches, this artist has found a whole new level of novelty — painting on teabags. Instead of disposing of used teabags, Ruby Silvious, a Philippines-born, US-based artist is regenerating them into intricate pieces of art with her masterful strokes and watercolours.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day which falls on March 08, she tweeted, “Gabriel Metsu’s Woman celebrates with Ben & Jerry’s Empower Mint #InternationalWomensDay”. On a regular day, she posted a picture where she painted fishes on teabags. She posted a picture commenting on recent winter storms, “Slammed again #noreaster”. In another post, she wrote about clothes and hats, “This was so not worth wearing her best hat | cut images with watercolor”.

According to CNN Travel, the paintings are inspired by various destinations across the world, along with the sights and sounds of her everyday life.

Check out some more of her creations here:


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Seeing green | ink and watercolor

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