Between the sheets: This is the age women have the best sex of their lives

Most of us believe that we have the best sex of our lives when in our 20s. However, if new research is to be believed women say that they have the best sex of their lives at the age of 36.

The research was commissioned by the contraceptive app Natural Cycles, and they asked 2,600 women about orgasms, how attractive they felt and how much satisfaction they derived from sex.

The answers were studied according to the different age groups, younger (below 23), middle (23-35) and older (36 and above). As far as attractiveness was concerned, women aged 36 felt the most confident in their skin and 8 out of 10 said that they felt sexy.

On the other hand, only four out of 10 women in the middle range said they were satisfied with the way they looked while in the ‘younger’ group seven out of 10 women said the same. Even as far as climaxing was confirmed, older women scored the highest, as six out of 10 said they had more regular and improved orgasms.

Again, from the older group, 86 % said that the sex they had over the last month had been great while 76 % from the middle group admitted to great sex, and only 56 % from the youngest group said they had great sex. According to the results, one in three of these women wanted the sex to last longer and one in ten wanted it to be over faster!

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